“A Twist in Travel,” series, by Me!

The Synopsis’:

Fate: https://www.createspace.com/4762421

Kevin & his wife, Mary, take a journey to discover new planets in a newly discovered solar system not too far from ours… with one catch – Vortex X must pass through a Black hole, and then survive.
After venturing onto three planets, Vortex-X gets sucked into a wormhole. Once on the other side, they find themselves back near Earth…so they think. After crash-landing, they soon discover that humans are nearly extinct, & they find themselves surrounded by demonic vampires & so-called friendly dragons.
As Kevin progresses, he discovers that his leadership role will help the human race rise up once again. Will the human race rise to the challenge as they’ve done before? Or will the humans perish in a long grueling battle?

Scientific Wastelands: https://www.createspace.com/5608713

In the second chapter of A Twist in Travel, Kevin, Mary, Jonny, Jeremy, & Alex put their wits together, to uncover the nations greatest conspiracy.
Meanwhile, the United States government keeps Ariel surveillance on Kevin. Now having taken him prisoner, for questioning, they attempt to unscramble what verity’s Kevin & his crew have fallen upon.
After Kevin is released, he discovers that all of his hard work comes to a crashing point, and there is nobody left at his headquarters upon his departure from being captured.
Did the military come in, and annihilate them? Or did they simply move on? Join Kevin, and discover the relishing secrets of the Scientific Wastelands.

The End is Near: https://www.createspace.com/6625642

The year is 2043, the second apocalypse has occurred, and Kevin must help his family and friend’s get to the remaining portal before the closing of it.
Kevin must understand what the purpose of the green-ooze is, to survive.
From demonic vampires, to demonic dragons, to green-ooze spilling zombies, Kevin is given an opportunity to learn how to escape death’s grip on him, and his family.
Kevin goes from time jump to time jump, working closely with the American government, to discover a way to save humanity.
During Kevin’s time traveling experiences, he discovers what he must do, and who to fight for.
Will it be humanity, or his family? Did he ever travel to space, or are all of his memories fabricated, caused by something greater?

Trio Pkg: https://www.createspace.com/6625679

Welcome to, “A Twist in Travel: Trio Package.” This book contains all three books from the series, in one large, and impressive package deal!
A series that embarks space travel, survival on earth, portal discoveries, apocalypse, & adventures, and even time-jumping!
This series is based on the Sci-Fi genre, but also is in tuned with action, adventure, fantasy, humor, and much, much more.
Come follow Kevin on his miraculous discoveries, from past present and even his future!

Out of the three books, “The End is Near,” is by far my favorite.  The end is near, not only the final book of the series, but filled with hilarious characters, mind boggling illusion actions by the lead character, Kevin, and the final journey of all new & old characters.   It was tough for me to write and say good-bye to such a great cast!  Cannot wait to see the movie!

Fate (volume 1), was my very first novel & publication in April 2014, and I’ve clearly come a long journey on a bumpy path since.  With Scientific Wastelands, it lead up to the third and final book nicely.  By the end of the release of the 3rd and final book, I decided to proved to you – as the reader/supporter – a Trio Package.  Which carries the entire trilogy in one exceedingly large paperback, with the 5×8 format.  I hope you gladly pick up the Trio package to help save you money; and don’t hesitate to write a review to help others decided whether or not, that series may be suited for them!


Risen From the Ashes, by Me!

I currently have written 7 volumes for this series, and still going.  First, I’d like to share the cover photo’s of all 7 volumes before supplying you with some insight.

Pretty impressive, right?  Well, it’s a ton of hard work and agony!  The payoff isn’t good yet, because I need your help spreading the word that these titles exist.

The concepts are simple, it’s about current agenda’s, current events, current people all around.  I have covered a lot of material, and yet, it feels as though, I haven’t even created a dent in the world’s leading topics.  However, if you give me a chance to impress you, I have more to come.  For now, read volumes 1-7; volume 7 is technically 6 & 7 combined to help save you money.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you for your support!

Trump’s at it again…

Back in the news, President Don Trump, nails the international headlines again. Taking out a terrorists’ family..Many upsetting people once again.

The problem with Trump going after families, is that I am sure the whole family isn’t interested with being a terrorist.  That would be like assuming that a gangbangers family (in America) are affiliated with being members with said gang ties. In some cases, perhaps the whole family are affiliated (like the mafia).  However, if Trump isn’t careful, he could start WWIII!

The True Masterminds of Manipulation


Who do we blame people that ruin our country?  Is it the President?  The media, or ourselves?  Perhaps it’s those agencies with a 3-letter abbreviation?

When we leave the school atmosphere behind, we expect the “toddler-games” to end, but they don’t end, they become more frequent.  The games are a mind-grueling effort to make the citizens of America “fend” for themselves.

It’s easier to place blame (or point fingers) to a party we know nothing about; or even agencies that seem as though they’re not doing their job “good enough.”

What ever the case may be, we tend to argue first, while attempting to figure out the problem.  Our latest issue at large, is our latest President – Donald Trump!

I knew he’d win, I even predicted his win when I wrote, “Risen from the ashes: Untold Truth’s and Theories (volume 1).”  Many of my closest friends & family continuously express to me, “you don’t have the right to complain if you don’t vote.”  What is the point of voting, when it’s obviously rigged?  If I predicted his win 9 months ago, why should I vote, when he had, “the power of the vote?”

Clearly, the people that know me, don’t truly know me; let alone understand my thinking.

I am very good at wood I do, and I have a knack for it.  I also can predict who will win a Presidential election, when nobody in their right minds, clearly can.  I’m not hear to brag, nor am I hear to stir up judgments.  However, if I were able to predict an election on the basis of a person winning over crowds by speeches, how am I to be ridiculed?

For you all to get a better understanding of me, you must read my books, my articles, and my way of thinking.  I am a great Theorist, and my knowledge is genuine.  I also learn a ton of knowledge thru research, as many authors do.  You must dig deep when understanding the way our world works; reading the topic headers, and the media documents, articles or anything else on top, just doesn’t cut the underlining issues.

To fully understand “The True Masterminds of Manipulation,” you must do your research, before you attempt to argue the key issues at hand.

As far as President Donald Trump goes, he’s clearly out to ruin our country, and in the meantime, make millions from doing so.  Clearly, this man has a much broader conspiracy being in office, than any other acting President in the past.  He is a “new-age” con, and he’s getting away with it, by using his new Power.

The signs are there, the stories are buried, but with a bit of good research, and an open-mind, we will see his big scheme, along with who he’s working with, to accomplish his underlying agenda.


When you get a moment, you must check out my “Risen from the Ashes,” series.  It’s one series that will help expand your mind.  Whether it’s voting, media, various politics, religion, the ways of humanity, I’ve written about it in this series!

Thanks for reading, and pass the article around!




Creating Chaos in America

The major topics across America has to do with Trump. Trump said this, he didn’t mention that; he fired this person or an entire department…

Many people are arguing with each other with what our newest President is or isn’t doing.

With that being said, isn’t it obvious by now that he is creating chaos in America on purpose?

It’s clearly a scheme to cover up what he is really up to.  After all, he’s written books in the past about the Power of Persuasion, Power of Suggestion, and the Power of Selling!  The only book he forgot to write was The Power of Creating Chaos!

So instead of continually arguing about what he is doing this far to date, perhaps you should consider what his outcome of all these schemes may add up to.

Edward Snowden, an ex NSA analyst, is constantly attempting to bring American citizens the knowledge they need.  Unfortunately, many aren’t really listening.  I, myself, have even written books on broadening your mind on various topics, but the followers are letting the knowledge escape them.  

Stay tuned, for more stories from me at: bobbyraysimonds.wordpress.com/